lundi 24 octobre 2011

Election day goes smoothly

Voting has ended the same way it started in Tunisia: in an orderly fashion. For a first election, only nine months after being freed of a brutal dictatorship, it is quite remarkable that nothing bad really happened.

As it was announced, the voting stations closed at seven o’clock – those in line before that were allowed to stay and cast their ballots. There were however some slight hiccups during the process. It was reported that in at least five stations, men and women were separated into two different waiting lines.  It was denounced in social networks and then was officially confirmed by ISIE.

Furthermore, during the afternoon, 3 presidents and 12 staff members of two stations were fired for favoritism towards a particular party.

According to the president of ISIE, Kamel Jendoubi, turnout was well above the predicted 60% - around 70% of eligible citizens voted. In the diaspora, there was a 56% turnout in Montreal and around 60 to 70% in France.

Mr. Jendoubi told reporters that the results would be revealed on Tuesday and not on Monday, as they had planned at the start of the campaign. Until then, preliminary results could be made public as the ballots are tallied.

The situation was also very calm in  front of the Prime 
Minister's office. Remember that 9 months ago, there
were many sit-ins at that same place.
Also noteworthy yesterday’s announcement that Foued Mebaaza will step down as President of Tunisia as soon as the newly elected Assembly names a successor.

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