jeudi 6 octobre 2011

A new blog on Tunisia

Welcome everyone. This blog will cover almost exclusively current happenings in Tunisia, the January 2011 Arab revolts and the electoral campaign that will end on October 23rd, the day Tunisians vote for their new Constituent Assembly.

News from Tunisia, the parties’ agendas as well as what their leaders and candidates are up to is what this blog will be all about. Furthermore, I intend to share with you certain meetings and personal interviews that I have conducted with politicians, bloggers from the Revolution and other political figures surrounding the election.

Know that the lifespan of this blog is short. I only intend to write until mid-November, two or three weeks after the election has been held. The reason is simple: I only wish to cover the events related to the electoral campaign as well as the very beginning of democracy in the country.

Right now, very little media coverage is given to Tunisia even though it is about to transition, for the first time, into a democratic state. Need I remind you that Tunisia’s ousting of their prior government sparked the Arab Revolt, which spread to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain among others? The October 23rd elections represent a crucial moment in the history of Arab democracy since it’s outcome may very well influence the other states that followed in the footsteps of Tunisia and overthrew their own dictators. Up until this point, the Tunisian revolt has been successful, wherein it lead to numerous legitimate demonstrations in neighboring countries. Let us hope that this election also serves as an example to be followed.

Please note that there is also a French version of this blog. To consult it, click here. The content of the articles will be the same in both languages.

For a quick description of me as well as the reason for my trip to Tunisia, click here.

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